Follow Up Guidelines Follow Up Guidelines

Annexure I
  • Package covers entire cost of follow-up. ,i.e., consultation, medicines, diagnostic tests etc.,
  • Follow-up treatment shall be entirely cashless to the patient and will start on 11th day after the discharge and will continue for one year after 11th day of discharge.
  • No formal pre-authorization is required.
  • For operational convenience package amount is apportioned to 4 quarters. Since frequency of visits and investigations are common during first quarter, more amount is allocated for first instalment.
  • However the entire package amount must be treated as single entity and Hospital shall not refuse to conduct investigations free of cost under the package any time during one year follow-up period.
  • Patient follow-up visits may be spaced accordingly to medical requirement, but approval will be given for one quarter.
  • MEDCO along with AAROGYAMITHRA shall facilitate patient follow-up.
  • Patient is counselled at the time of discharge about the importance of follow-up and availability of free services by the hospital.
  • The first follow-up date shall be on 11th day after discharge as first 10 days treatment is provided to the patient as per disease package.
  • MEDCO and AAROGYAMITHRA shall specifically inform the patient about the date and time of subsequent follow-up visits, duly making entry in patient follow-up in the trust portal based on standard medical protocols.
1. Hospital shall send proof of follow-up services of patient and submit to Trust once in three months for each quarter to trust portal by uploading
  • Details of consultation
  • Details of Medicines given
  • Investigations done
  • Acquaintance from patients in the prescribed format
  • Photograph showing acquaintance of Medicines to the patient
  • Bills for medicines and diagnostics (to be scanned and uploaded)
2. Trust shall settle claim as per package amount based on above proof.
3. Hospital shall claim follow-up package only for the disease mentioned along with the code and no other claim shall be entertained by Trust.